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Stop buying STUFF.

We love this service because it is such an efficient way to achieve great design. By beginning with redesign, you maximize the potential of what you already have and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Another reason we love this service is the uniqueness of the results! Now two households have accumulated the same furnishings, accessories, or personalities. Your redesign will be uniquely yours.

Every redesign result becomes the expression of the homeowner. In most cases, we can redesign and rearrange in one day what you have collected for years!

The fabulous result always takes me by surprise. :)

Make Your Move

At one point in your life, moving involved enlisting a few friends -- including one who owns a truck. The day was spent making several trips. Ordering pizza and finishing with a cookout.

Now your friends are older and hire moving companies. Your friend with a truck? He now has a bumper sticker that says "Yes, this is my truck. No, I won't help you move." It's a new day.

But let's just say that by whatever method, you're in. All things have been unloaded and it is time to get your house in order. This is perfect timing for move-in design! Unwrap all the accessories and set your wall art out on the floor... and call us. We'll arrange your furniture and place your art and accessories throughout your home.

Your favorite things. Your new home.

It all comes together to showcase your good taste and comfortable style.

We can make your move.

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Holiday Design

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Residential Holiday Design

We all love the holidays, but not all really like to do the design work. We love to take care of decking the halls for you!

Bring it down from the attic and set it out for us--then the elves will do the work. Treat yourself to have our talented team bring your home alive for the holidays while you pay more attention to menus, guests, and event planning.

Pricing varies depending on how many design areas you have: Tree(s), mantel(s), staircase, front door, dining floral.

It's up to you how much we do!

Commercial Holiday Design

Our designs are NOT the typical 'bank lobby tree'. We consider the style, colors and mood of your architecture and design esthetic and customize designs to compliment your business.

Whether you have existing inventory to be incorporated in the design or we are beginning with purchasing everything, we are able to bid your design so you know exactly what to expect!

(References available.)

Services: What We Do
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