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Marcie Elliott-Smith, CISS, IRIS

I've been designing since I was a child. Doilies under candy dishes. Cross-stitch designs on the hem of cafe curtains. Rearranging my grandmother's collection of Avon cologne bottles. Choosing accessories for my Mom at the S&H Green Stamp Redemption Center. Wow. The 60s and 70s!

It is no less fun for me now! For over 20 years, I've been designing interiors and each project excites me. I am a native Texan, served as a humanitarian in 5 countries, and am now on a small ranch in Caldwell, Texas. From here, I serve clients in Austin, College Station, and San Antonio--as well as nearby towns. I am also an artist and market a collection of sentiment and humor as Art by Intuition. This has been another fun creative venture for me!

My core philosophy is "People, not Projects". My mission has included making design accessible and affordable to those who didn't think it was possible for them to have professional interiors!

I look forward to meeting you and working together to accomplish your best design.

It's a beautiful day on the ranch!

See my art at

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